How Much Are Muay Thai Classes?

Costs of Muay Thai Classes Muay Thai is an ancient martial art, and for many, an enjoyable workout. With its various forms of training, there are a range of options for the aspiring practitioner. The cost of Muay Thai classes can vary, depending on the type of class, instructor, and location. Private lessons are generally … Read more

Does Muay Thai Have Belts? Find Out Here!

Do Muay Thai Practitioners Have Belts? In the traditional form of Muay Thai, practitioners are not awarded belts to signify their rank or progress. Instead, their skill and experience is judged by the instructors and other experienced practitioners. However, in recent years, several organizations have begun awarding belts to practitioners of Muay Thai. These belts … Read more

Can You Use Muay Thai Gloves for Boxing?

Can Muay Thai Gloves Be Used For Boxing? Muay Thai gloves are generally much lighter than traditional boxing gloves, and they have less foam padding. This makes them ideal for use in training, as they allow for more mobility and help build muscle memory. Additionally, Muay Thai gloves have a larger surface area, which helps … Read more