Boxing Rules

Are you a boxing enthusiast or a budding pugilist? Then, it’s imperative to understand the Boxing Rules that govern this exhilarating sport. These rules not only ensure a fair fight but also help to maintain the dignity and nobility of boxing. Let’s dive into the essential boxing rules every beginner should know. This comprehensive guide … Read more


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Quick Start Guide To Learn Boxing At Home

Ever wondered if you could master the art of boxing right from the comfort of your home? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! With our ‘Quick Start Guide To Learn Boxing At Home’, you can step into the ring of self-training and emerge as a competent boxer. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of … Read more

Get Good Boxing 6 Months

Ever wondered how one can get good at boxing in 6 months? It may seem like an uphill task, especially in the initial phase when your lead hand can barely make a punch and you are constantly out of breath. However, the journey to mastering the ‘sweet science’, as boxing is often referred to, can … Read more

45 Minute Shadow Boxing Workout

Whether you’re an aspiring boxer or a fitness enthusiast, shadow boxing is an unbeatable way to sharpen your technique, boost your speed, and ramp up your cardio fitness. Our comprehensive guide to a 45-minute shadow boxing workout will take you through an extensive routine, focusing on footwork drills performed over 3 rounds of 3 minutes … Read more

Roadwork For Boxing

If you’re aspiring to be a pugilist or already have your gloves laced up, then the ‘Roadwork For Boxing’ guide is your new companion in the ring. Understanding the importance of roadwork, its implementation and measuring its impacts are crucial to any boxing training regimen. Dive deep into old-school vs new-school roadwork techniques to uncover … Read more

Best Speed Bag

If you’re looking to try boxing or up your game, then enhancing your hand speed, timing and boxing skills is a must. Luckily, speed bags are the perfect training tools for this. But finding the right one, especially for beginners, can be a challenging task. Fret not, we have sorted the best speed bags for … Read more

Best Boxing Headgear For Sparring

Stepping into the ring? Ensure your safety with the Best Boxing Headgear for Sparring in 2022. Our comprehensive guide and review breakdown the top 10 high-quality boxing headgears that protect you from injuries and elevate your sparring game. Let’s dive into the world of boxing headgears and help you find the perfect fit for your … Read more

Boxing Classes For Women

With a combination of adrenaline, strength, strategy, and grace, boxing classes for women provide a total body workout and an empowering experience. These classes blend physical fitness with mental toughness, creating an activity that’s as challenging as it is rewarding. More and more ladies are taking the plunge, redefining stereotypes, and proving boxing is not … Read more

35 Boxing Sparring Tips For Beginners

“` Step into the ring and prepare to learn the ropes with our “Mastering the Art of Sparring Games: Jabs, Body Boxing, Slaps, and Burpee Tag – 35 Essential Boxing Sparring Tips for Beginners” . Perfect for all levels of experience, this guide presents you with invaluable advice, tricks, and techniques to excel in your … Read more