Who-Owns-WWE-Wrestling: Uncovering the Ownership of Professional Wrestling”s Largest Entertainment Company

Who is the Owner of WWE Wrestling? In the world of professional wrestling, one name stands above the rest: Vince McMahon. He is the Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and has been the majority owner of the company since his father’s passing in 1982. With decades of experience in the business and … Read more

Who-Owns-TNA-Wrestling: Discover the Owner of the Professional Wrestling Company

Who is the Owner of TNA Wrestling? In the world of professional wrestling, there is an ongoing battle between the different promotions for the most devoted fans. One of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world is Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. But who exactly owns TNA Wrestling? For years, the company was owned by … Read more

Who-Owns-Impact-Wrestling: Who Has the Power to Influence the Future of Professional Wrestling?

Who is the Owner of Impact Wrestling? How has Impact Wrestling changed hands over the years? It all started in 2002 when Jeff and Jerry Jarrett founded the company. In 2004, Panda Energy International purchased Impact Wrestling. 2017 saw Anthem Sports & Entertainment acquire a majority stake in the company. It is still the current … Read more

Who Is The Oldest Wrestler That Is Still Wrestling?

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Who Died in the Wrestling Ring?

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When Was Wrestling Invented? A Historical Look at the Ancient Sport

History of Wrestling We all know wrestling as a popular form of entertainment, but its roots stretch much further back. Wrestling has an interesting history, spanning back to the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. From Greco-Roman and Indian martial arts to its international governing body, the United World Wrestling, wrestling has been popular in … Read more