How to Fight a Fat Person: Tips & Strategies for Success

Understanding Physical Conflict with an Overweight Individual When engaging in a physical conflict with an overweight individual, it is important to understand the weight and size difference between the two parties. It is also important to be aware of the limitations of both parties. Practicing self-defense techniques is also essential to protect yourself during these … Read more

How to Become an MMA Fighter: A Comprehensive Guide

Get into Shape We all know that MMA is an incredibly demanding sport. To compete at the highest level, fighters must have an exceptional physical condition. This means that getting into shape is essential for becoming an MMA fighter. Fitness is key when it comes to MMA and having good cardiovascular fitness is essential. To … Read more

How Often Are UFC Fights? Get the Facts Here

How Frequently Do UFC Fights Occur? The UFC typically holds events on a monthly basis. These events are usually held on Saturdays, though exceptions may occur. The number of fights at each event can vary, with pay-per-view events typically featuring more than Fight Night events. On average, each event features around 12 fights. The UFC … Read more